Special Applications of Cuprotect®



Cuprotect® in Shipbuilding

Shielding Areas Permanent Occupation from Radar Radiation

Radar Radar
Horizontal and vertical navigational radar on a bird-monitoring vessel


Station Station
Measuring radar exposure levels of the horizontal and vertical navigational radar at the monitoring station, measuring antenna
Sverdrupson (vessel at Emden Harbour): vertical radar of bird monitoring


Polarstern (bird-monitoring vessel)
polarstern Plattform zur Vogelbeobachtung polarstern Messung polarstern Plattform, Messantenne
Horizontal and vertical navigational radar, platform for bird monitoring
Measuring horizontal and vertical navigational radar
Horizontal and vertical navigational radar above the platform, measuring antenna
Mobile navigational radar and stationary navigational radar can cause high exposure levels for vessel crews and neighbours
FassadeMeasuring the radar exposure levels
Measuring result: extremely high exposure levels
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